When I was younger, I was taught about abstinence. 

It was pressed into my mind and engraved in the choices I made.

Eventually education swayed my morality,

taught me that independence would not strip me of my virtues,

that I was allowed to say yes.

As a woman, as a human I was allowed to say yes.

It was never a concern, whether I was able to say no.

I was convinced that it was my choice.

It was not.

For the decision I made was not of any importance,

to the person on the other side.

I thought I had the right to control my own body.

I was wrong.

they tell you not to have sex but if you do, here’s a condom. you learn all about condoms. you learn about std’s, you see so many graphic photos, you learn about teen pregnancy rates, you even learn how to put a condom on a banana. you’ve got it. you’re convinced. you’ll wear a condom.

they dont teach you everything you need to know about condoms. they don’t tell you that you will have to fight to wear it. they dont teach you that when you finally have sex, he will beg you not to have to wear it. he will say anything from “i can’t cum in it” to “it doesn’t fit”. he will take it off during sex, hold you down while you cry and beg him to stop, until he finishes. they don’t teach you everything you need to know about condoms.